About Us

"Georgian Post" -  provides universal postal service. Despite having many competitors,
Georgian Post has significant comparative advantage providing the highest quality service through the largest network across the country.

The company is oriented on using contemporary and innovative technologies enabling us to serve our customers
at the lowest tariffs.

Georgian Post Ltd. carries out the following actions:

- Receiving, sending and delivering mailings (letters, parcels, postcards, print materials)
within the country and internationally, through the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and
the International Express Mail Service (EMS) network;
- Receiving utility service payments;
- Domestic money transfers as well as transfers towards Belgium, Turkey, Japan,
Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and the CIS;
- Telegraph services - within the country, to rural and regional centers;

Georgian Post incorporates:

- ”Georgian International Express Mail Service” founded on March 1,  2001. It is included
in the world network of the Express Mail Services providing mail services for EMS letters
and parcels in 192 countries.